Precon - Visual Calculations: Making DAX easier met Jeroen ter Heerdt en Marc Lelijveld

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Prijs: 425 euro excl BTW

Language: English

This is it. The day that the way that DAX became easier. After this, how you write DAX changes forever. Learn all about it in this session! The Power BI team has been working on exciting things related to DAX calculations, specifically targeted at making it easier to add typical business-type calculations (such as running totals or vs-first). Would you believe it if we told you that you don’t even have to type DAX anymore and still be able to get complex calculations done quickly? In this session, we will dive deep into visual calculations, covering everything there is to know about them including the lower level window functions.

Get ready to get your mind blown! See the future, today.

After this session you are an expert on visual calculations and ready to tackle any challenging calculation that comes your way!

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Jeroen ter Heerdt



Marc Lelijveld