Precon - Power BI Source Control & CI/CD with Mathias Thierbach

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Professional CI/CD for Power BI is finally available to a wide audience with recent product innovations like Power BI Desktop Developer Mode and Fabric Git Integration! However, there are still many techniques and best practices to learn and understand. This training day enables you to get there!

With many new tools and features available only since 2023, this session is your opportunity to learn, hands-on, how to get started with source control, which tools are available, and what it takes to implement them successfully for your team/project.

You will learn about source control basics and practice the use of Git, Visual Studio Code and Azure DevOps in conjunction with Power BI. All the latest Power BI source control and collaboration features are covered, including Power BI Deployment Pipelines as well as advanced CI/CD pipelines via external tools.

Join this day for an in-depth and hands-on course that takes you from zero to be able to apply your new skills and implement better practices in your team.

1. Hands-on source control tutorial
2. Setting up CI/CD in your organization
3. Advanced workflows and branching strategies

* Learn git and source control basics
* Become familiar with Azure DevOps
* Understand DataOps principles
* Get a practical overview of the current CI/CD landscape for Power BI, both around tools and patterns

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Mathias Thierbach