Precon - Advanced DAX with Alberto Ferrari

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Prijs: 425 euro excl BTW

Language: English

If you already know and use the DAX but want to move to the next level, this workshop is for you.
Unleash the full power of evaluation context manipulation, learn about expanded tables, control the data lineage, avoid circular dependencies, and manage relationships at different granularities.

The prerequisite to attend this training is good experience writing DAX measures in Power BI or Analysis Services. You must know row context, filter context, and context transition. You are comfortable with using CALCULATE. You are not afraid to learn something new. At the minimum, watch the free Introducing DAX Video Course and make weeks of practice before attending this training.

Here are a few examples of what you can learn in this workshop:
• Filter columns, not tables. Yes, you already know that, but you will learn many more reasons why it is a good idea.
• Understand when to use ALLEXCEPT, and what to use instead of ALLEXCEPT all the many times when ALLEXCEPT is not a good idea.
• Fix the circular dependency error that might appear when you create a relationship, a calculated column, or a table.
• Control data lineage and play with it by using TREATAS.
• Write granularity-aware measures when you use many-to-many cardinality relationships (yes, you can if you know what you are doing).

The number of available seats is limited, so please quickly register by selecting “Advanced DAX (alleen donderdag)” in the registration form below.


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Alberto Ferrari