Jan Pieter Posthuma

Jan Pieter – a certified (MCSA, MCSP) Microsoft Data consultant – has helped multiple clients as the leading (technical) expert in their Microsoft Data challenges. Jan Pieter technical knowledge is always up-to-date and he can align current trends – e.g. Big Data and IoT – with actual business (domain) challenges.

Besides working for customers is Jan Pieter also involved into the Microsoft Data Platform community by co-organizing the yearly Dutch SQLSaturday event and presenting at local and foreign Microsoft Data Platform events.

Combined with additional professional knowledge – e.g. project management and agile/scrum – Jan Pieter is the ideal partner in identifying, designing and solving Customers Microsoft Data scenario’s.

Jan Pieter is also the creator of several Power BI Custom Visuals, including the HierarchySlicer and Box and Whisker chart.

  • Company:DataScenarios
  • Short Bio:Microsoft Data Consultant | Power BI | Azure Data Platform
  • azurebi.jppp.org
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