Mathias Halkjaer – Power BI & Azure Synapse Analytics – better together [EN]

Want to make a cutting-edge data platform using Power BI with Azure Synapse? Then come along for a journey through the wonders of powerful data pipelines mixed with top-notch data modeling and visualization capabilities. A true match made in heaven.

In this session we will talk about the synergies of Azure Synapse Analytics and Power BI, how you decide which tools to use for which task, sprinkled with a multitude of data architecture blueprint recommendations.

After watching this session we hope you have a new-found inspiration for the possibilities of combining Power BI and Azure Synapse Analytics, as well as a solid foundation of do’s and don’ts when building your own modern BI data platform.

– Power BI and Azure Synapse Analytics
– Modern BI data architecture
– Synergies and capabilities
– Pipelines, data serving, and integration