Andrea Martorana Tusa – Building custom maps in Power BI [EN]

Let’s go beyond the standard visuals available in Power BI for making maps. In this session we won’t talk about the simple and basic Bing Maps visuals.

-How can I use spatial data into a Power BI visual? What kind of tools do I need?
– What a shapefile is? How to generate my own shapefile?
– How can I overlap several layers combining geographical and economic data? How can I drill down into the different levels?
– How to perform spatial analysis? Or statistical calculations on a map?
– How to import data from API or other online services?

We will answer these and many other questions during the session. You will know and learn how to use some powerful visuals for building your own custom map: Shape maps, MapBox, IconMap, R, Azure Maps.

Amazing visualizations, interactive charts and deep data analysis: with Power BI custom visuals everything is possible!