Event description

Title: Level-up your Power BI data modeling skills


Jeroen ter Heerdt (Microsoft)

Marc Lelijveld (Macaw)

Price: 400 euro excl VAT

Prerequisites: Please bring your own (fully charged) laptop with the latest version of Power BI Desktop installed.

After a successful webinar series on Data Modeling with Power BI, Jeroen ter Heerdt (Program Manager in the Power BI team at Microsoft) and Marc Lelijveld (Data & Analytics solution architect & Most Valuable Professional) will bring all their best practices on Data Modeling with Power BI together in a full day precon. We will split the day in three sections, where we kick-off with the basics of data modeling. Then we continue with more advanced patterns to finish the day with expert level modeling by using all advanced features and techniques.

So, what is a good data model in Power BI? How do you make sure you have the basics in place so the model you build today, will still work next year? We talk about different modeling concepts, whether to use the data model or Power Query for transformations, the differences in calculated columns and DAX with their effects on your model and handling role-playing dimensions.

After the basics, it is time to level-up by considering more complex patterns like different types of relationships, overcoming ambiguity, and successfully implementing aggregations. Also, different types of storages modes come into play. Dealing with DirectQuery and Imported (cached) data in the same model on table level with user defined aggregations, but also hybrid tables with different storage modes in the same table. Of course, we will talk about composite models with Power BI datasets and/or (Azure) Analysis Services.

To top-off this day full of real-life examples, we will talk about calculation groups and their behavior in composite models. We make sure you finish the day with a list full of tips and tricks that can be directly brought to practice directly.

After this precon you will be able to:
– Explain basic dimensional modeling concepts
– Create a well working and performing data model in Power BI
– Decide when to use Power Query vs the data model
– Decide when to use Calculated columns or measures
– Handle complex situations with inactive relationships and role-playing dimensions.
– Leverage one and bi-directional relationships
– Overcome and handle ambiguous data models
– Successfully implement aggregations
– Work with real live scenarios containing multiple fact tables
– Understand and explain different types of storage modes in Power BI
– Combine DirectQuery and import storage modes in a composite model
– Successfully implement calculation groups
– Understand calculation groups in composite models and their behavior

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